Parson prepared to close Missouri again if second wave of coronavirus hits

Despite President Trump's commitment to keep America open during future coronavirus outbreaks, Missouri Governor Mike Parson says that he won't rule out a second statewide lockdown in the coming year.
During a Tuesday press briefing,  Governor Parson announced he was extending Missouri's state of emergency for COVID-19 until December 30th.
"We have to remember that COVID-19 is still out there," said Parson, reiterating that the pandemic is not over.

Extending the state of emergency allows the governor to continue funding local governments during future lockdowns.

Dr. Jim Neely (R-Cameron), a physician and state representative who is running against Parson in the Republican primary, has vowed to stand with President Trump in keeping Missouri open if future COVID-19 outbreaks occur.

"As your Governor, I will consign these failed pandemic response policies to the dustbin of history," said Neely.
The primary is on August 4th.

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